The ‘It'll cost you’ alcohol proxy purchase campaign has evolved from a pilot campaign developed by Scottish Alcohol Industry Partnership (SAIP) and Scottish Government with Police Scotland and representatives from North Lanarkshire Council and which ran in different parts of Scotland from 2015-2019.

Formerly known as the award-winning You’re Asking For It campaign, it has been developed following extensive piloting and is being rolled out nationally with the new campaign in 2022.

What are the campaign aims?

To raise awareness of the consequences of proxy purchase and:

  • Reduce the number of proxy purchases of alcohol for under 18s
  • Reduce crime and antisocial behaviour
  • Make our communities safer
  • Protect children and under 18s from harm  

Who are the target audiences?

  1. Adults: anyone over the age of 18 including parents, older siblings, friends and members of the general public, who under 18s may approach to buy alcohol for them.
  2. Under 18s: children need to understand that not only are there serious consequences for the adults they ask to make a purchase for them, their actions my inadvertently place them in dangerous or vulnerable situations.

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